HIT FM - our history and roots

Started in 1988, HIT FM Network traces its roots all the way back to 1979 when the pioneering disco and soul-oriented station Disco 91 hit the airwaves, soon to be followed by Studio 102, a station that pioneered the European Dance Radio format.

As Studio 102 led the way, the station introduced a host of new European hits to a growing audience, much thanks to the special contacts the station had developed with other private broadcasters in France and Italy, enabling the station to feature Euro and Italo hits not normally heard north of Brussels.

But the station did also aim at introducing Scandinavian acts to European programmers, and did so. Several Swedish acts were playlisted abroad thanks to HIT FM, most notably on Kiss FM, whose programmer was a very early adopter, introducing a variety of Scandinavian acts - from Roxette to Paul Rein - to the Riverians on a exclusive basis. HIT FM was also invited by the organizers to participate several times at MIDEM, also featuring a syndicated Scandinavian music show, creating further interest in the station's innovative musical programming.

...pioneered the European Dance Radio format