Micro & Latte's World Radio Record

Pictured: DJ Micro during the record broadcast, wearing the specially designed headset. Photo credit: Latte

Micro and Latte, two DJs with fixed weekly time slots at Studio 102, came up with the idea to beat the world record for the longest radio broadcast without pause for rest, etc. The idea was very well recieved by management as it coincided well with the station's vision to be a forerunner, and the record broadcast began at 17:00 hours on April 20, 1986, and lasted for 24 hours.

For the connection between the studio and outside team a rented NMT (Nordic Mobile Telephone, predecessor to GSM) mobile phone the size of a briefcase was used (ultra-modern at the time). The NMT unit was used to conduct interviews with listeners on the town. To keep all internal communication between those involved and bring in team of reporters and even listeners who called in to the studio, a special headset and mixing console was designed, that allowed internal communications mode between the staff and / or telecommunications connections, ie it could be used for listeners calls as well as the NMT mobile team.

Both Micro and Latte were broadcasting all the time, but there was also a two man outside broadcast team active throughout the whole length of the broadcast. At the start of the broadcast it was announced that listeners who would listen to the complete 24 hours broadcast would recieve a 7" 45 RPM vinyl single as a reward. These listeners had to call in at various check points to prove that they were still listening.

About 100 people stated their interest and about 25 of them reached their goal and received their prizes. The Studio 102 world radio record was later beaten by other teams.

..coincided well with the station's vision